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Emergency Tree Removal in North Carolina

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TREE Services in Eastern North Carolina

Emergency Tree Removal Service

emERGENCY tREE cutting and REMOVAL services

  • Emergencies demand immediate response. We understand that in an unexpected event such as a storm or an unexpected tree fall, your safety is paramount. 

  • Our Emergency Tree Cutting and Removal Services are ready to handle any urgent tree-related issue, offering:

  1. 24/7 Response: Our team is always on standby, ready to respond to your emergency.

  2. Quick Assessment: We quickly assess the situation to determine the safest, most efficient course of action.

  3. Safe Tree Removal: We expertly remove threatening trees while minimizing risk to property and bystanders.

  4. Debris Cleanup: After the emergency work, we clean up debris to help you return to normal quickly.

Tree Removal Service

tREE cutting and rEMOVAL services

  • Manage your trees effectively and safely with our Tree Cutting and Removal Services. Our services include:

  1. Professional Tree Cutting: Whether it's overgrowth or potential hazard, our team provides precise cutting services.

  2. Safe Tree Removal: We safely remove trees of any size (big, small & tall) from your property.

  3. Debris Disposal: We ensure that all remnants and debris are properly disposed of, leaving your property clean and tidy.

  4. Arborist Consultations: Our skilled arborists can provide advice on tree health and maintenance to prevent future issues. 

  5. tree Cabling and bracing: Ensure the longevity and stability of your valuable trees with our Cabling and Bracing Services. this is designed to support structurally weak or damaged trees, reducing the risk of injury or property damage.

  6. tree transplanting: For existing trees that need a new location, we offer professional transplanting services. We'll carefully move your tree to minimize stress and damage, giving it the best chance to thrive in its new location.

  7. tree planting: Not every tree is right for every environment. We'll help you choose the ideal tree species for your property based on your local climate, soil conditions, sun exposure, and your personal preferences.

Underbrush Removal Service

Brush and underbrush Removal Services

  • Our Brush and Underbrush Removal Services are aimed at clearing your property effectively and safely, including:

  1. Brush Removal: We efficiently remove brush, debris, and any remaining vegetation leaving your land clear and clean.

  2. Invasive Plant Species Removal: We identify and remove harmful and invasive species to protect native plants and wildlife.

  3. Debris Cleanup: Post-service, we clear away debris and haul it off, leaving your property neat and orderly.

  4. Preventive Measures: We provide expert advice and services to prevent future overgrowth of unwanted brush on your property.

Landscaping Service Near Me

Landscaping and yard mowing services

  • Achieve a pristine outdoor space with our comprehensive Landscaping and Yard Mowing Services:

  1. Routine Mowing: We offer regular mowing services to keep your yard looking at its best.

  2. Trimming and Edging: We meticulously trim and edge your lawn for a clean, well-maintained look.

  3. Pruning and Hedging: We prune shrubs and hedges to promote healthy growth and maintain your desired landscaping aesthetic.

  4. Seasonal Cleanups: We also provide seasonal cleanups to prepare your yard for the changing weather conditions in the spring and fall.

  5. Landscape & hardscape Design: Our team can help you design and create your dream landscape design. tree and flower planting, mulch installation, retaining walls, and more!

  6. Pond design and installation: We will reffer you to -> tru lawn aquascapes <- For any of your fish, pond, water garden & water feature needs!

Expert Tree Removal in North Carolina

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Stump Grinding and Removal Service

stump grinding and removal services

  • Our Stump Grinding and Removal Services deal with any stump, regardless of size or location. Our services consist of:

  1. Stump Grinding: We grind down stumps below ground level, allowing easy covering for a seamless lawn. you won't even know a stump was there!

  2. complete Stump Removal: We provide complete stump removal, including the root system, if necessary. 

  3. Debris Cleanup: We ensure all remnants and debris from the process are cleaned up and properly hauled off the property, leaving everything nice and clean.

  4. Site Restoration: We restore the site, preparing it for replanting or other purposes as per your needs.

Mulching and Forestry Mulching Service

mulching and forestry mulching services

  • Enhance your garden's health and appearance with our Mulching and Forestry Mulching Services:

  1. Mulching: We provide and apply various types of mulch to improve soil health, suppress weeds, and enhance your landscape aesthetics.

  2. Forestry Mulching: We offer forestry mulching to clear land and repurpose unwanted vegetation into beneficial mulch.

  3. Mulch Delivery: We deliver high-quality mulch directly to your property.

  4. Mulch Spreading: We can evenly distribute mulch around your plants for optimal benefits, and great looking curb appeal!

Land Clearing and Grading Service

land clearing and Grading services

  • Preparing for a big project or improving your land's usefulness becomes easier with our Land Clearing and Grading Services:

  1. Land Clearing: We remove trees, shrubs, and other vegetation safely and efficiently from your property. 

  2. Stump and Root Removal: We ensure the removal of stumps and roots to prevent future growth and provide a clean slate for your next project.

  3. Grading: We expertly grade your land for proper drainage and a smooth, level surface.

  4. Debris Removal: We responsibly dispose and /or haul off all resulting debris, leaving your land clean and ready for your project.

Storm Damage Recovery Tree Service


  • Storms can wreak havoc on your landscape, leaving behind a trail of damaged trees and property.

  • Our Storm Damage Recovery Services help you navigate these challenging circumstances and restore the safety and integrety of your property. Our services include:

  1. 24/7 Emergency Response: We understand that storms don’t abide by regular business hours. We're available around the clock to respond to your urgent needs.

  2. Damage Assessment: Our skilled team will conduct a thorough inspection of your property to assess the extent of the storm damage and determine the most effective recovery plan.

  3. Tree Removal: If the storm has caused trees to fall or become dangerous, our team is equipped to safely remove them and mitigate further risk to your property.

  4. Debris Cleanup: Storms often leave behind a mess of branches, leaves, and other debris. We'll handle the cleanup, ensuring your property is tidy and safe.

  5. Tree Pruning: Storms can leave trees with broken or damaged branches. We provide professional pruning services to remove these limbs, promoting the tree's recovery and preventing further damage.

  6. Tree Replacement: If trees on your property have been lost to the storm, we offer tree planting services to replace them and restore your landscape.

Tree Removal Services in North Carolina

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